Tisbury War Memorial - Photo by Jenny Bickerton


Wiltshire villages have been encouraged by Wiltshire Council to commemorate WW1 by finding out more about the people named on village War Memorials.

Tisbury is lucky to have had the circumstances of such deaths and their burial or memorial sites investigated by Jeff Scholefield, who used to live in Tisbury. He gave his research results to Tisbury History Society. Apparently about 300 men from the Tisbury area left here to fight in WW1, from a population of roughly 2350 (1911 census return figure) and 45 were killed or died soon after the end of the War from wounds sustained during the conflict.

'The Tisbury Boys' book

The Society has completed their project to mark the Great War 1914 -1918, researching and gathering material for a book to commemorate the Fallen of Tisbury whose names appear on Tisbury War Memorial.

The book costs £10 and is available for purchase at Tisbury Post Office, at the Tisbury Paper Shop and at Beatons Tea Rooms, The Square, Tisbury.

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